Last minute move on Tilling plans


Monday July 6, Tilling Green Community Centre, 3pm. People arriving for the “consultation” on Tilling Green redevelopment plans find notices pasted on the door and on display in the foyer saying that the plans for the former school site, which include housing as well as a new community centre, would now be on display in the foyer until 5pm on July 14 and people would be able to comment on them up until then.

No-one seemed to be clear whether any Amicus or Rye Partnership staff would be around to answer subsequent questions that might ensue, and if so when, but the “consultation” has at least been extended from three hours to just over a week. Previously the “consultation” was just going to be from 3-6pm today, July 6. Hall users protested. The Town Council protested. And there has been some movement.

And, in the meantime, Amicus Horizon staff and Rye Partnership directors Cllr Keith Glazier (leader of East Sussex County Council) and Ian Ross were answering questions this afternoon – and questions were being asked by Anthony Kimber, vice chair of the Steering Group for Rye’s Neighbourhood Plan; former councillors like Heidi Foster and current councillors like John Izod; as well as local residents who use the hall and those who hire the hall for various activities. And if you want to see the plans, and make your own comments, you now have a little longer, writes Charles Harkness.

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