Stop. Think. Write. Volunteer


Rye News needs volunteers and it needs all sorts. Some contribute once in a blue moon. Some write regular columns. Some regularly report on particular activities and organisations. Some take photos. Some ensure stories have all the relevant facts, and make sense. Some write headlines. Some report regularly on cricket or sailing or tennis. Others write less frequently about petanque. And they are all volunteers.

Lots of faces in a recent article celebrated our first year and the first thousand stories reflected the fact that Rye News covers lots of different subjects – but the hard core of volunteers who ensure the publication appears each week are few in number. And we need more. Anyone involved in any organisation in Rye knows the time it can take just to get out a simple poster – and each edition of Rye News is like at least 20 very different posters.

Some skill and knowledge may be required with some jobs on Rye News, but this can be shared and passed on. The basic requirements are your time, your curiosity, and your wish to communicate – to tell a story.

To find out more, go to the “Get Involved” panel on the right, and use “Get in touch” to make contact with us. Or, alternatively, come to the Queen Adelaide internet pub by the Ferry Road level crossing around 10:30am on a Saturday morning and we’ll just be finishing a meeting to plan out the week ahead – and frequently it’s nothing like we expect.

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