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As Europe is hit by a fourth wave of the Covid pandemic, some countries are making vaccines mandatory by law and announcing lockdowns. In England the approach is to encourage more people to book jabs. Locally, this is keeping the Rye centre very busy. On some day clinics we see over 750 patients. The programme is as follows.


Those aged 40-49 are being invited to have a booster jab via the national booking system (NBS). Bookings can be made five months (152 days) after the second dose with a view to vaccination as soon as 182 days has passed since the second dose. In Rye we are delivering either Moderna or Pfizer booster dependent on stocks supplied by the NHS. The guidance for those who can get a booster remains as:
– aged 40 or over
– a front-line health or social care worker
– an adult who lives with an immunosuppressed person.

Other categories

Separate from the booster programme, some people (16 and over) with severely suppressed immune systems are being offered a third jab. They will receive an NHS letter with guidance.

Pregnant women remain a key target group and are offered either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

Future programme expansion: Those aged over 30 might be added to the programme but as yet there is NO central decision.

In addition to the age categories above we still see patients who are only just taking up offers of vaccine made to earlier categories. If you have been hesitating or perhaps “missed by the system” and now want a jab, do seek advice or visit the Rye centre on an open day.

Booster vaccinations are now automatically added to the NHS Covid pass for foreign travel.

Younger people

Those aged 16 or 17 are offered a second jab, 12 weeks after their first. Second doses are available by booking no earlier than the recommended twelve weeks after the first jab. This age group will only be offered a second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Children aged 12 to 15 are being offered a Covid jab (one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine) at school during school hours. Parents or guardians will get a letter or email with information. Consent must be given by both parent or guardian and the individual. If a child misses their vaccination, for any reason, they will be offered it again at a later date. Children who do not go to school, for example those being home-schooled, will also be offered a vaccine. They should be contacted about when and where they can access one.

Accessing the Rye centre

If you want to come to the Rye centre then reject other locations offered by the booking system and try again until Rye is offered. Rye opening times are published at @ryepfizer

The Rye centre is in the Tilling Green community centre. Mason Road, Rye TN31 7BE.

The clinical lead is by Clarity Chemists.

A recurring question

At the Rye centre we are asked many Covid related questions. Recently, with Covid infections rising in some parts, several patients have asked about vaccination for those testing positive or in close contact with those who are infected. In these cases, the advice is to wait four weeks (28 days) before having a Covid jab including the booster, counting from the date of any positive test. Children aged 12 to 17 who test positive should wait 12 weeks before having the jab.

In addition you should not have a jab if you have a severe illness or high fever, but information from both Pfizer and Moderna indicates that a mild fever or a cold are not reasons to delay provided that Covid tests are negative.

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  1. Must say disappointed with the parking arrangements at the vaccine centre regarding blue badge holders,who yesterday were being waved away to park elsewhere, surely consideration should be given to the disabled, before letting fully fit drivers park, and others struggle to get to the centre.


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