Local Tory heading for a win


As the country goes to vote on Thursday, December 12 latest polling from YouGov predicts a likely win for the Conservatives in the Hastings & Rye constituency.

In the YouGov poll the Conservative candidate Sally-Ann Hart is forecast to win with around 50% of the vote compared to around 40% for Labour’s Peter Chowney and 10% for the Lib Dem’s Nick Perry.

This would be a significant change from the share of the votes the parties received at the last election. In 2017 the Hastings and Rye constituency was one of the most marginal in the country with the Conservatives winning by only 346 votes with 46.9% share of the vote against Labour’s 46.2% whilst the Lib Dem’s share was much lower at only 3.4%.

Getting polling right is notoriously difficult and this is proving to be one of the most difficult elections to predict in recent memory. It remains to be seen what happens both locally and nationally.

Image Credits: YouGov .

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  1. As Victor Meldrew famously said ‘I don’t belieeeve it’!
    YouGov is a dubious polling organisation and often wrong. Amber Rudd, a government minister and, most agree, a good constituency MP, scraped home in 2017 with a tiny majority.
    Anyone who attended the Rye Hustings will have seen an unimpressive Tory candidate gamely reading Central Office crib sheets, whilst Peter Chowney was clear and articulate with all the local and national issues at his fingertips. Nick Perry did well for the Libdems, but with First Past the Post, they are always sidelined.
    Please Rye, vote using common sense. Don’t believe the everyday abuse in the rightwing newspapers.

  2. Sorry Mr Mcgrath, looks like your opinion was ignored, and rightly so. However, seems Rye did indeed use their common sense.


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