Vote, vote

Polling station
Rye Community Centre polling station

Nearly there! Just one week to go from publication of this week’s issue of Rye News until we vote.

Although one party is in the lead according to the polls, there appears to be general agreement, by journalists, pollsters and others who make politics-watching their business, that nothing is guaranteed. Each of our votes, therefore, is important. So use it on December 12.

If you need a reminder about who is standing, you can read our interviews with each of the candidates and also our report on the hustings.

The other polling station, Tilling Green Community Centre

There are two polling stations in Rye: The Community Centre on Conduit Hill and Tilling Green Community Centre. Your poll card will tell you which one you need to go to.

The polling stations open at 7am and remain open until 10pm.

Rye News usually publishes on Thursday evening and, although we will do so again next week, we will be updating our main story with the full results for the Hastings and Rye constituency as soon as we get them – likely to be sometime in the early hours of Friday morning. So once you have voted, spare a thought for the Editor – it’s going to be a long night!

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  1. I did appreciate the interviews, but I did feel the one with Sally Anne Hart read as a Conservative statement. The other candidates were questioned on previous positions on certain issues, i.e. Momentum, were they up to date on matters in Rye, etc. This was good but Ms Hart had a clear run, no questions on her views on “The Deal” and the Irish border, had she previously supported Theresa May’s Deal, the conflicts between an EU Deal and any USA deal, etc. All points that someone who may support this government could have been asked. Was it too controversial for either her or the interviewer?

  2. All expatsl living in Spain, France,and Cyprus they are all coming back home
    Riding on unicorns they have all heard.
    They heard free internet, free care when we get older and won’t have to sell their homes,33% off rail fares , nhs with no waiting times in A & E and speedy services everywhere, 100 more teachers,
    Labour are giving false hopes to many people with promises that cannot be fulfilled.
    There will certainly be a fun on the pound.
    Then let’s see what voters think of labour when the prices go up because of a serious devalued pound.
    So when you vote Thursday put your x in the Tory box


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