A man of many parts


John Izod (shown above, for once without a glass in his hands) died yesterday, Thursday 7 April, at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings after a short illness, possibly pneumonia as well as other health issues.

He clearly didn't approve of the cladding on the new development in Cinque Ports St
Like many, he┬ádidn’t approve of the cladding on the new development in Cinque Ports St

A man of many parts – cartoonist and illustrator, fundraiser, town councillor, rugby enthusiast, Father Christmas (frequently) and a stalwart of the Bonfire Society – and the list goes on, and on.

Shortly before Christmas Rye News featured John’s life (we re-publish the article in this issue) and he was very supportive of Rye News, as he was of many community activities – Rye Community Transport being just one that springs quickly to mind.

Rye Town Councillors were quick to react when the news came through very late Thursday night.

Andy Stuart and his wife Nicky had gone to see him on Wednesday. “He was hatching a plot whereby we would assist him in his escape” said Andy. “Rye will be less colourful place without him”.

“Very sad news. He will be missed by me and many more”, Sean Rogers, former Mayor. “Irreplaceable”, Town Clerk Richard Farhall.

Mayor elect Jonathan Breeds: “We will all miss him very much.” “I’ll miss his off beat humour and strong opinions”, Councillor Mike Boyd.

On the wall above my computer’s screen I have a framed Izod cartoon “Putting Rye well and truly on the Mapp” which features the BBC filming Mapp & Lucia outside the Town Hall along with some droll comments on life today compared with the 30s.

And, as it is bright sunshine at the moment, I will go and sit on his┬ábench outside Grammar School Records and raise a miniature to toast this man who will be missed – and lived life to the full to the very end.



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  1. It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of John Izod. A good friend to so many people and one who was a great supporter of so many organisations in Rye. He will undoubtedly be very much missed. I personally shall miss sharing a pint of Harveys with him and having a few laughs!

  2. A great Man
    Thought John Would Go On Forever. hope There is Some Kind Of Plac Or Information Some Where Put Up In Rye Too Remember Him By
    Deserves It!

  3. The sad news came as a great shock to all who knew John, including the committee members of our Chernobyl Children Rye charity, of which he was an active participant. Apart from keeping the Minutes of our meetings, he was always a calm and logical voice in all discussions, and a lovely companion. Rest in peace, dear John. You will be remembered and sorely missed.
    Alyona Kojevnikov
    On behalf of Chernobyl Children Rye

  4. I am deeply saddened at the news of John Izod. He was a witty and erudite man but would have guffawed at any such comment…he is a huge loss. Such diversity, artistic talent and humour as his wss rare and will be irreplaceable. Jenny

  5. Like many people who eventually move to Rye, I first started coming for a weekend, a festival, a Christmas spectacular. I didnt know anyone, I was a just a tourist. But when I moved here I realised quickly I already knew John. He was Father Christmas. He was the gent inside Grammar School Records at the weekend, and sometimes outside it on the bench. He was the chap inside every single pub I had ever visited in Rye. I had bought books of his drawings at the Kit Kat cafe in Camber. I hadnt realised it was all the same person – I now know John was so much more than this as well. I was privileged to meet him a few times and buy him the occasional drink. I am sure many other visitors and passers by will know and miss him even if they never knew his name.

  6. My dear John, Why did you go and do this to us? Heaven will be the richer for you now and we will be the poorer. The service on the 4th May will be absolutely packed, which will show how much we all loved you – and I certainly agree a plaque must go up – I would suggest, either on the bench outside Grammar School Records or perhaps even on the wall itself. Whatever happens we will never forget you – your style. your smile, your artistry. your mischief. your delight in all things fun – the love of life – thank you for being our friend.


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