Mayor making on Monday

Adults look on while children wait in expectation of hot pennies after Mayor making in a previous year.

Rye’s mayor making ceremony, which takes place every two years, will be held this coming Monday, May 2 and the traditional ceremony of throwing hot pennies from the town hall windows will take place around 12:30 pm.

It will have been preceded by the official ceremony in the town hall chamber before invited dignitaries and other guests followed by a procession led by the macebearers at 11:45am  (see photo below) from the town hall to nearby St Mary’s Church for the civic service.

However, the fairly recent closure of all Rye’s banks, the growth of on-line shopping and the use of credit cards gave the town hall a headache as large amounts of pennies are hard to come by (even in supermarkets) although two trips to the Post Office did eventually solve the problem.

Rye’s councillors will dress for the ceremony and service in their robes – a gown, along with a bicorn (two-cornered) hat for the men and a tricorn (three-cornered) hat for the women. As a previous councillor, I could never find one that fitted.

Covid concerns linger

Fewer people may be present than in previous years because concerns remain about Covid infection levels. One recent event in Rye was described as a “spreader” and one planned event has been cancelled.

However, the incoming mayor, Andi Rivett, will be touring the town after the ceremonies to check that everybody is being “hospitable” now that Covid seems to be under control. The town’s children are encouraged to be in front of the town hall from around 12:30pm as the pennies come flying out of the first floor town hall windows.

The macebearers lead the procession from the town hall

Image Credits: Britainy Rae , John Minter .


  1. Good luck Andi !!!

    We have a plentiful supply of old and new pennies at Concepts if you need some in two years time !

    Are only children allowed to pick up the pennies ? Isn’t that being ageist ?

    Have a great day !

    Jonathan Dellar @ Concepts


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