Missing Marion, links to Rye

A 'Missing' poster in Rye High Street hides a fascinating story

A poster was placed in the window of Adams in Rye in July 2019 which prompted me to write an article, Missing person, can you help?

The poster referred to Marion Barter who has been missing since 1997 since leaving Australia but what intrigued me was why this poster had been posted in a shop on Rye High Street, what was the connection to Rye?

It is believed she visited Rye whilst in the UK and is understood to have stayed at an oast house locally, during her stay here she is also believed to have visited the local branch of Barclays Bank in the High Street, which is now closed.

The former Barclays Bank building, now closed

In February of this year, I wrote a follow-up article entitled Missing Marion update which followed the story to the Byron Bay courthouse in Australia where the case was due to be heard starting on February 14, Valentine’s Day. The case has continued to spark International interest and intrigue with more fascinating revelations coming out of the inquest which resumed on April 27 and can be followed live on the New South Wales Coroners Court YouTube channel.

Three more days have been allocated to the inquest (April 27-29) and Rye News will have further to report next week.

In the meantime, Rye News has been contacted by an individual laying claim to the $250,000 reward money. This person confirmed she has submitted a name to the court, that of a Rye man, as a possible suspect, and in addition, the details of a former bank employee put forward as a person of interest.

We understand there is also a Metropolitan Police involvement in this fascinating story and such is the level of interest in this case, the Podcast, The Lady Vanishes has over 9,500,000 followers.

Be sure to read all about it in next week’s edition of Rye News.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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