New freedoms but . . .

Face masks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs - and are still needed as lockdown eases !

With outdoor drinking and dining having resumed from Monday for the first time in months, it is now possible to visit non essential shops, hairdressers and gyms, and many are now also travelling again to the shopping malls in Kent. The cold weather has not deterred visitors to pubs with gardens and those restaurants providing takeaway food and open air dining and many have taken the opportunity to celebrate some renewed freedoms.

But, though infection rates have tended generally to level off, in parts of London surge testing has identified tens of cases, and rising, of the troublesome South African variant of Covid. With increased visitors to Rye, there is some concern for those who flout the guidelines and risk a backwards step on the road map.

Vaccine offers continue

At the bi weekly “drop in” by Zoom call to the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group, there were three main topics this week.

In Sussex all adults over 50 (Groups 1 to 9) and those at particular risk have been offered their first dose of vaccine. This meets the government target for achieving the offer of vaccination to what is known as Phase 1 of the population ahead of schedule by 15 April. Across Sussex, around 90% of those offered vaccine have taken the option and GP surgeries are being urged to offer the vaccine to those who have previously refused.Click on the website below:

It is suggested that one reason for some of those opting out has been the news of the risks of side effects with the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. Those with such concerns are urged to contact their GP surgery for clinical advice.Click on the website below:

Phase 2 of the programme (those under the age of 50) is starting in some areas of England and soon in Sussex. In addition to Pfizer and Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, the Moderna brand may also be available in the coming weeks. Click on the website below:

Remember Hands- Face-Space

Last week we reported that during the period of vaccine supply constraints in April, the national letter options with wider choices for vaccination location would be suspended. This letter option should restart later in April. Meanwhile all calls for vaccination will progress through GP surgeries.

The NHS echoes the message of government that people must “behave responsibly” and continue to take steps to “suppress Covid”. The PM has said that caution remains important. He underscores that “lockdown is the main reason for drop in Covid related cases and deaths ; not vaccinations”. Please continue to mitigate the risks posed by the virus by remembering : Hands, Face and Space. Click on the website below:

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. I have to say, that the idea of Rye & environs being swamped by visitors and staycationers from London and outside of Hastings & Rother – because we have such a low R rate – is very concerning. The R rate could soar again, like it did last Summer.


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