New funding round opens

Working for Rye and District

Help is at hand for voluntary organisations that have seen regular sources of income dry up during the current coronavirus pandemic. The Rye Fund will be making grants as usual this year.

Applicants must have a presence in the town itself or within a 9km radius, and smaller clubs are particularly welcome. It is expected that the level of need will be high and it is recommended therefore that applications are prepared and lodged as soon as possible. Check if your group is eligible here.

Rye Fund is open for applications from August 2 till September 10 and you can download an online application form or If you have any questions or require further information, contact local panel chairman Charles Bronsdon by email

Nominations are also invited to serve on the Rye Fund local panel, which helps decide on winning applications. The panel meets twice a year and members are volunteers, all with an interest in community work.

Image Credits: SussexCommunity Foundation .


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