New Road traffic calming progress


New Road and Kings Road residents are winning their campaign to bring traffic-calming to their stretch of the A259 eastwards of Monkbretton Bridge.

Think, Remember 30 mph sign near Monkbretton Bridge

Since presenting their case to Rye Town Council  on October 31, they have, with the support of Cllr Keith Glazier and the Sussex Police, persuaded Highways England (formerly the Highways Agency) to install new speed signs as a temporary measure. These posters will stay in situ for a limited period during which further speed data will be gathered, based on “hard” rather than “anecdotal” evidence.

For this purpose speed data loggers are shortly to be installed to ascertain the level of speed compliance on the section of New Road east of Monkbretton Bridge. The results will be analysed over the next six months and help to establish the likely funding that will be available to develop further interventions to address the concerns raised by residents. It is expected that the 30 mph zone will be extended eastwards beyond the entrance to the rugby club ground.

Richard Benn, spokesman for the residents’ group, said that these measures, although temporary, represented a positive step in their campaign to combat speeding traffic on the A259.




Photos: Kenneth Bird

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