Notes from the Council Chamber

Racists rear ugly heads

The proceedings of Rye Town Council were harshly disturbed on Monday evening (June 27) with an allegation of racism in the town. A resident who wished to remain anonymous, and whose right was so recognised, reported that a verbal attack was made about a deceased resident to one of the resident’s family members.

An attack which, although subtle in its application, had caused deep distress and fear.There was further recognition and concern expressed regarding a current of racist tensions in the surrounding rural area and particular instances of Indian shopkeepers being targeted.

The Council was at pains to condemn such racism and thanked the resident for reporting the incident, expressing complete support for the family and utterly deploring this and any other incidence of racism.This is a local instance of a phenomenon which appears to be occurring nationally. It is abhorrent. Attitudes engendered in some sections of the populace by the outcome of the EU referendum are predictable and should be roundly condemned as crass and unacceptable in a civilised society.

Where we have seen that communities can be so easily divided by such disagreements, it is heartening to know that the Hastings and Rye Constituency Labour Party General Committee the following evening raised £150 to donate to the Jo Cox Fund remembering with her that there is “far more which unites us than divides us”.

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  1. I was present at the Rye Town Council Meeting on the 27/6/2016. Whilst it is undoubtedly laudable that there was a donation made by the Party mentioned to the Jo Cox Fund, as many of us have similarly done, this matter has no connection with the Council meeting and I fail to see why it is included in your report. Rye Town Council has been free of party politics for many years. Mike Boyd.


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