‘Oh! What a lovely year’

An editor in a mask in March 2020 when Rye's restaurants were open for a sit down meal - rather than a takeaway

This is the last editiion of Rye News for 2020 as we are taking a holiday next week. The next issue will be in the new year so all the volunteers, and contributors, who write or take photographs and help turn those contributions into a newspaper wish you, our readers, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

And, as we are now in tier 4, perhaps it can not get any worse, though there are rumours of forthcoming government announcements to tighten up the restrictions and extend the areas covered by the toughest controls.

Also – not that we can travel in most cases – we do not have to travel many miles to find parked lorries waiting to cross the Channel; and with very few days to go before 2020 ends Brexit talks still continue about what will happen as we leave the European Union entirely from January 1 – so there may be more lorry logjams.

Christmas and the new year may not therefore be an entirely event free period – despite all the Covid restrictions and stay at home requests – so Rye News will still be alert and listening and watching (and checking our emails), though our next normal edition will not be published until January 7.

Anything may, or can, happen and we welcome your news, as well as your comments – and if they need wider circulation as soon as possible we will publish them.

But we do not expect to publish anything on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, and we will not, except in exceptional circumstances, be sending out any email alerts.

However, as far as is possible in a holiday period, comments may be added to already published stories (or any new stories) and any brand new news stories will be published if there is an urgent need to keep our readers informed.

The national media also has staff who take holidays, though a few are on duty, so their coverage will also be limited – though I can recall visiting (back in the 60s) a hospital and a prison with the mayor who was bringing “comfort and joy” to the inmates on Christmas Day before racing home for lunch.

And, given how 2020 has turned out, I am not sure we will be in any hurry to watch or listen to the news over Christmas. But things may happen, so tell us if they do.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


  1. Hope you have all had a Happy Safe Christmas and wishing you a Healthy New Year! Thank you for all your hard work in putting the Rye News together. I so enjoy reading it even though it may take me a few days after publication to do so! The comments are also an interesting read and am hoping that in 2021 we can all be a little kinder to one another as sometimes they can get a little personal! Thanks again and enjoy your well earned break!


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