One nightmare finishes and . . .


Just as roadworks finish on Rye Hill, with markings back in place, another queue forms last Saturday over the railway bridge and back up Rye Hill. But it was only for a morning, writes Charles Harkness. One of the service companies was dealing with an emergency, so there were traffic lights at the sharp corner by Alsford Timber where Fishmarket turns into South Undercliff. And, as the drivers coming from the New Road roundabout waited, they could see signs of activity at last in Clifton Place – a terrace of renovated Victorian cottages which has stood, nearly complete, for many months. Earth moving vehicles have now moved in, along with huge piles of rocks and similar material, to re-enforce the bank (and former cliff face) behind the terrace, which should mean the new homes will be occupied sooner rather than later.

Photo : Seana Lanigan

Image Credits: Rye News staff .

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