Invader fails to breach Landgate

Assault on the Landgate

A French lorry driver attempted to demolish Rye’s historic Landgate last week, one of the very few of Rye’s buildings to survive when French invaders ransacked and burnt the town on June 29, 1377.

On this occasion, it seems likely that the driver misread his satnav, but local fishermen may say that anything is possible with the French given recent events. And indeed next week’s firework celebrations in Rye on Saturday, November 13 may partially commemorate the dastardly deeds of the French and others.

However, French fishermen, and climate change, have not been the only things in the news this week. Increasing levels of Covid infections, and frequent encouragements to “get jabbed”, have meant that Rye’s vaccination centre has been busy, and the message clearly is “don’t just turn up”.

Two stories in last week’s issue, Booster programme takes off  and Changing the tune, attracted a variety of comments, from both satisfied and dissatisfied customers, and readers are advised to carefully read the up-to-date local advice in Anthony Kimber’s article this week.

Image Credits: Geoffrey Austen .


  1. If it’s reading STOPTRAFFIC, then it’s doing what it says. Obviously, we don’t have the truck drivers to send to France to do the same to them. ARRETEZLACIRCULATION, for anyone wanting to do that nevertheless. It requires a double articulated truck, FYI.


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