Passenger Benefit Fund/ MLAG AGM

It was mentioned in a recent MLAG press release  that Rye has been allocated £30,000 of a Fund set up by GTR/ Southern Railways to be used to provide tangible improvements for passengers. There are significant restrictions applying to projects but, if you would like to make a proposal, please email your suggestion to . However, we cannot undertake to apply a rigorous analysis of proposals, just do our best.

Also, as previously reported, MLAG has three ideas it is trying to develop: a lift at the station (which would be far too expensive but the available monies could fund a feasibility study); improvements to the toilets nearby (there may be an ownership issue); and cycle safes.

If you do have any thoughts, don’t delay – initial suggestions have to be submitted by the end of this month.

If time permits, we may raise this subject at the MLAG AGM to be held at 7pm on Tuesday June 18 at Rye Town Hall. There will be presentations from Network Rail and Southern Railways and time will be allocated to a question and answer session.

Image Credits: MLAG .


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