Pop Up Scallop Cuisine

Olde Worlde Wines entertains

Saturday, March 2 was the second of ‘Tatner’s Pop Up’ kitchens at Olde Worlde Wines in Cinque Ports Street. As the wine bar is a rather intimate space Kyle Tatner organised his cooking area in the back garden of the wine bar. It was small but functional.

Delicious scallop meal
Cooking in the garden of Olde Worlde Wines

He said he has been doing scallop pop up cuisine for five years now, preparing scallops for guests who were waiting in the wine bar. The scallops looked absolutely delicious with their special toppings. This was his last Saturday at Olde Worlde Wines.

Kyle will re-open his Tatner’s Kitchen at Broomhill Sands, between Camber Beach and Jury’s Gap on Saturday, March 16. The kitchen is open between 10am and 5pm from Wednesday to Sundays during the summer season, with weekend opening in winter.

Rye’s annual Scallop Week ended last weekend with even more opportunities for food and music (like Tatner’s above) and with blues men Jem Turpin, Simon Shaw and Steve Stone entertaining guests at the Ypres Castle Inn. A gale howled outside, the pub was lit by the flickering flames of a log fire, made joyful by wonderful music, beer, wine and food.

Rebekah Gilbert of the Rye Bay Crew

The Rye Bay Crew had their sixth year of a serving of scallops and shanties at the Queen’s Head in the Landgate this year and sold out for three of their four performances. With an eclectic mix of music from traditional shanties, to folk, classical, music hall, barbershop, G&S and contemporary they entertained audiences between their scallop starters and fish pie main, all prepared and cooked by singing chef Jonathan Breeds.

Rebekah Gilbert, singer and novice double bass with the Crew, said: “We’ve had some great feedback this year, many people said they didn’t know what they were coming to but had a fabulous evening – the food was great and it was highly entertaining, we will come back next year!”

The Crew will be back for a function at the Rye Harbour Sailing Club in April and are already preparing for scallops 2020.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster , Ro Fisher .


  1. Just a correction, Steve Stone played at The Queens Head NOT the Ypres. First rule of good journalism, factual correctness.

    Note from Editor: And first rule of leaving comments, Mr Saunders, is not to try to be too clever. Steve Stone did play at the Ypres and the large audience there can confirm. Our report was entirely correct


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