Public loos to come clean?


On the agenda for Rye Town Council Meeting on Monday, October 17, is a report from the Town Clerk on the offer by Rother District Council to transfer ownership of the town’s public conveniences to Rye. Whilst the topic has been quietly brewing for several years, new impetus has been received from three different quarters.

Firstly, the toilets feature on RDC’s list of disposable assets and a sale to Rye Town Council would clear them off the books.

Maybe the French had the right idea after all
Maybe the French had the right idea after all

Secondly, the maintenance contract for cleaning comes up for renewal next April, so RDC needs a prompt response from the Town Hall.

Thirdly, the complaints against the standard of cleanliness achieved by the present contractors continue. The most recent of these concerned the Strand Quay facility. Apparently, the cleaners finish their work early in the afternoon and the facilities are then left unchecked for several hours. This is particularly a problem in the summer when demand is heavy. Rye Town Council has previously offered to supplement the contractor’s efforts by providing additional cover, but this solution has been rejected by RDC on the grounds that the current contract already provides for “additional cleansing as required”, though this appears to be an option rarely or never implemented.

It is understood that the Station Approach WCs may be addressed first on a trial basis as they stand alone, whereas the Strand and Lucknow Place buildings form part of other property owned by RDC. Town councillors will no doubt wish to consider the adequacy of the incentive understood to be offered by RDC, either as an upfront lump sum or annual payments spread over several years.



Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .

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  1. It strikes me that not many people use the description ‘Public Convenience ‘ any more. Maybe that is because the word ‘convenience’ no longer applies here in Rye thanks to Rother !


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