Rewilding the Salts

Former putting green site on the Salts

Rother District Council (RDC) has announced its intention to “dispose” of the former putting green land on the Salts.

The area next to Rye Bowls Club is approximately 2,600 square metres and follows the existing fencing around the former putting green (see photo above). The proposed new owner will be Rye Amenity Community Interest Company (CIC) who aim to turn the land into a “managed wildflower meadow” or “managed perennial meadow” on a 25-year lease.

The plan is that the meadow will be planted with 30 native species of grasses and wildflowers which will flower from early spring through to late autumn. It will be open to the public and will also contain areas for picnicking. The overriding aim is to “promote the advancement of environmental protection by improving plant diversity and insect/invertebrate/bird/mammal biodiversity; and enhance the urban environment of Rye throughout the seasons”.

The Rye Amenity CIC conducted a public survey via social media in June 2018 asking visitors and locals for their views on creating the wildflower meadow. They said that the results of the survey demonstrated overwhelming support for the idea which in turn led to the creation of the Rye Wildflower Meadow Trust in July 2018. The Trust is currently an unregistered charity and is in the process of raising the funds required to create the meadow.

Rye Amenity CIC was incorporated in July 2011 with the “sole intention of providing services and improving amenities for the Parish of Rye”. It currently holds a 25-year lease on Rye’s two allotment sites at South Undercliff and Love Lane. The lease was awarded by RDC in December 2013. The Rye Amenity CIC is at pains to stress that rental income from the allotments are ring-fenced and will not be used to subsidise the wildflower meadow.

If you have objections to their proposal then they must be made in writing to Neo Georghiou, Estates Surveyor, Town Hall, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN39 3JX by Friday June 7 quoting the reference B032/Town Salts.

An outline of the application can be found on Rother’s website here.

Image Credits: Rye News library , Rother District Council .


  1. The idea sounds idillic, but what kind of wild meadow is envisaged.?.and will the seeds be a problem to the perfect lawn of the bowling green. How much is it going to cost?
    And will the public Using the Picnicking areas be able to walk on the wild meadow plants.
    And it is used by children and I saw playing cricket safely away from all the dog walkers in the rest of the Salts.. which would be a shame to loose this area of grass.
    After all the church yd could be developed with more wild flowers suitable for insects etc.
    And what about the loss of flowered from the Gun garden when it had more Cannon put there.

  2. I am always sceptical when these takeovers take place , why I ask ? is just to save money for grass cutting !
    The bowling green was for the public but since the loss of the MAN IN HIS SHED OR WOMAN its impossible for anyone to play unless you join the club as I am a single and doubles Rye ex winner I often want to take a friend down to play but alas no one there to book a rink .
    Dog owners get together and stop this takeover as I am sure dogs will be banned !
    So I must get up and read the reasons and try and find out what’s the real reason is !


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