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When the letter box clanked on Saturday and, not expecting anything particularly exciting to arrive, I assumed it was the usual, ie bills or a letter from my building society confirming interest rates on savings had fallen to another all time low.

I was wrong on both counts, for it was a hand delivered updated newsletter from Rye Mutual Aid (RMA), the community volunteers helping those in need during the coronavirus lockdown.

The same newsletter is being hand delivered to every household locally, which in itself is a huge logistical exercise, and the April 20 edition replaces the previous version which can now be thrown away.

Rye News has reproduced the covers of the leaflet for you just in case yours gets mislaid but, as you can see, it’s packed with useful information, top tips, and contact details for the volunteers available to help in your area.

How does it work? If you need help the first step is to look at the list of contact numbers on the back page, locate the ‘zone’ which covers where you live, and ring any of the numbers listed. Tell them what you need, and leave the rest to the dispatchers.

If you are feeling anxious, scared or worried, and need someone to talk to, just ask your dispatcher to put you in touch with their specialist listening support team who will give you a call as they are trained and experienced people who are only too happy to do this for you.

Rye Mutual Aid have made a real difference to many people’s lives since launching in March. In one month they have carried out over 500 aid requests, including buying and collecting shopping, collecting and delivering prescriptions, walking dogs, posting mail and offering support over the phone.

They have also organised over 600 volunteers covering 20 different areas, gathered over 1,000 followers on a Facebook group, shared protocols, advice and local offers with over 3,000 users on their website, and raised nearly £9,000 in donations through crowdfunding and financial support from Rye Town Council.

Please visit the new and improved website, for lots of really useful and up to date information including local shopping options, how to keep safe when out and about, how-to videos, medication and health, and connections and wellbeing.

Rye News will publish weekly updates and keep you informed of developments as RMA’s huge team continues to organise themselves quickly and efficiently in order to lead from the front and continue providing a huge support network during this uncertain time.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. As a regular reporter for Rye News I also take an interest in the comments made and the people making them. Regular names keep cropping up, making their points of view known having read many of the articles. If only we could convert some of our regular contributors into reporters then perhaps we could make Rye News even more successful than it has proved to be.

    As many of us now have unscheduled time on our hands, why not use it productively and have a go at writing an article, if the articles are as strong as some of the views and opinions received at Rye News they would make very interesting reading. Go on, have a go, you know you want to!!
    Nick Forman


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