Scrub bags for the NHS

Completed scrub bags

I am one of a team of people sewing scrub bags in the Rye and Hastings area.

The group has been making the face guard masks (for the NHS), headbands and scrub bags for the NHS, care workers, ambulance drivers and the police. The scrub bags have gone to Eastbourne Hospital, William Harvey in Ashford as well as to other key workers in the local East Sussex and Kent areas. The group has raised funds but donations of old duvets, pillowcases and sheets are much needed and greatly appreciated. A duvet cover makes approximately 8 scrub bags.

The scrub bags are used by the nurses and other key workers to put their uniform in when they change at the end of a shift. This is then placed in a black bin liner and taken home. The scrub bag is then taken out of the bin liner and goes straight into the washing machine at 60 degrees. We currently need approx 1,000 bags so a lot of fabric!

Can you please put in a plea about the need for old duvets, sheets, and pillowcases if anyone has them that they no longer need or indeed any fabric?

Jempson’s have very kindly agreed to let Hastings Makers for the NHS and Keyworkers put a clearly labelled bin at both the Rye and Peasmarsh stores which will be there from Monday. Donations can be put in the bin in bags ready for collection and distribution to the team of makers.

Image Credits: Vivienne Challans .


  1. Hello! I’ve got two black bin bags full of duvets and pillow cases I would love to donate. I came to Jempsons in Tye today to drop them off but couldn’t find the bin?! Can you advise please?


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