A rubbish service?


Rother’s new masterplan for recycling household rubbish is not covering itself in glory in the hamlet of Mill Corner near Northiam.

Thursday July 24 was a scheduled day for the emptying of recycling bins. The bins were dutifully placed outside the previous evening by residents as instructed – because, they were warned, there could be a collection as early at 7am. But, no lorry appeared. Despite many residents filling in a complaint form online and emailing the department, there is still no action ten days later [August 2]. So the recycling bins sit outside, still uncollected, in front of at least 30 houses.

Conrad Freezer, a Mill Corner resident, told us: “I know of two phone calls that were made and on each occasion the official stated that there had been no complaints received up till then!

“Each caller was told that a collection would be made within three working days and to leave the bins outside properties.” But that hasn’t happened.

“No panic, as the next collection is due next Thursday, August 7,” added Freezer, who was also unhappy that to complain about the lack of a service calls to the number given in a Rother recycling leaflet are charged at 5 pence a minute. “In addition callers were given contradictory advice about excess recyclables. On one call they were told to use a black plastic bag and the next caller was told to use supermarket plastic bags. Difficult as most people now use re-usable bags for their shopping. When is Rother going to bring these contractors to task over their inefficiency?”

Photo: Conrad Freezer