Salts view for homes

Holland of Rye

Holland of Rye on South Undercliff have resubmitted a planning application – this time for four four bedroomed semi-detached houses and the construction of a separate commercial building, which will house two retail outlets and three offices.

Design of proposed houses

The application has been submitted by the owners of the building, Holland of Rye, who are a family run joinery company that make bespoke pieces of furniture overlooking the Salts.

The application lays out why they are proposing to close the company, saying, ‘unfortunately, custom-made furniture is now being made in Asia and transported to the UK and Holland of Rye are unable to compete with their prices. They are therefore finding it increasingly difficult to make a living and cover their costs’.

Holland of Rye’s previous planning application for seven dwellings and a fish restaurant was withdrawn. This followed objections from a number of bodies including East Sussex Highways, who raised access and parking concerns, and Rye Town Council and Rye Conservation Society, both of whom listed ‘overdevelopment’ as a concern.

Image Credits: Kevin McCarthy , RDC planning portal .


  1. Good luck to Hollands of Rye on their new planning application, for people new to the town,plenty of suggestions over the years have been made to clean up this what many have said is the shabby end of the town, and with martello developments having started the regeneration of the western end of Rock Channel, now is the time to clean up the eastern end, lets clean up these brown field sites,and not at the expense of green field sites, Valley Park comes to mind,when the marina was turned down,on a brown field site.


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