Sign of the times

Who needs to know where Ashford or Hastings are when you can visit a caravan exhibition?

The Highways Agency and East Sussex County Council has been bombarded with complaints about a rash of advertising signs along the roads between Rye and neighbouring villages giving directions to caravan sales in Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour.

These signs appear every year and most are eventually removed. This year, however, the fly-posters seem to have come up with a cunning plan. They have printed the signs in black on a yellow background, and on sturdy panels, in order to pass them off as AA temporary direction signs. Over the past couple of weeks, the Highways Agency has reassured annoyed members of the public that the signs will be removed but nothing appears to have happened so far.

Is there a caravan park round here?
Is there a caravan park round here?

Image Credits: Rye News Library .