Sun shines on Hospital fete

The fete in full swing

It was a glorious fete. The sun shone and the skies were blue all afternoon for the Rye Hospital fete. The bunting fluttered and the colourful, jewel-like giant flowers, made by the talented children of the Black Winkle Art Club of Hastings, dazzled in the sunshine.

Precise numbers are not known, but it is estimated there were more than 300 people there throughout the afternoon, the car park held more cars than ever before, so thanks to the Rotary Club for managing this huge task. The community bus was kept busy ferrying people between Rye and the hospital, so thanks must go to Pat Hughes for driving to and fro.

The Hub on Rye Hill had an information tent which had detailed plans and people on hand to explain the new wellbeing centre which will open in December 2019. Hopefully everyone who visited the tent, or took a tour of the site, now understands exactly what this amazing space will provide, and can spread the word amongst friends. The Buy a Brick campaign is still running.

Wine or Water?

Elsewhere, many happy people wandered around, trying their hand at the Wine or Water stall with shrieks of delight when they choose a bottle full of wine rather than water, the tombola was incredibly busy, and the sweet hoopla, tin can alley and sand cup game didn’t stop all afternoon with children trying to hoop a jar of sweets or knock down the tins to win bubble wands or water pistols. The colourful plant stall was a great attraction, as was the jewellery stall. Both raised significant amounts of money. A big thank you to all the volunteers who ran these stalls.

Thanks, too, are due to Rye Fire Station who kindly brought 2 fire engines for kids to explore, a vintage and a modern version.

The dog with the waggiest tail

The Dog Show, was a massive hit. There were more than 60 entries throughout the afternoon and compered by Pontins who provided a running commentary on the proceedings. It drew a big crowd, who all had great fun cheering the entrants and the winners.

The BBQ ladies, again run by incredible volunteers, were absolutely rushed off their feet with demand, the Pimm’s stall got through 13 bottle of Pimm’s, the strawberries and cream sold out, cakes and teas were delicious.

People popped their faces through the cut outs and took home a photograph of the fabulous Richard Adams painting, the Village Terrier.

Music was provided by the wonderful Rye Bay Crew. It really was the perfect afternoon to sit under the shade of a parasol, enjoy a Pimm’s or a cup of tea and a cake, listen to the music and enjoy the sunshine.

In excess of £4,000 was raised so a very big thank you to everyone who came and supported the fete. Thanks, also, go to the Mayor, Mike Boyd who set the whole afternoon in motion with a great opening speech.

The Rye Bay Crew singing sea shanties

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird , Jane Fitch .


  1. What an amazing result and such a great community day for the town and hospital too! Well done to all the hard work of the volunteers! The Hub will be a great asset to the town and also I was very pleased to learn that a care home is due to be built too! At last those in need will not have to leave Rye! Looking forward to next years Fete although I did hear that it could be a problem as there could no longer be a field for parking once the home starts to be built! I am hoping this can be overcome – if necessary perhaps a nearby land owner might offer his field and of course those who are able can walk up! It would be a great shame for the hospital to loose the Fete!


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