Surprise news at pony rescue

Undercliff owner Sharon grooming the expectant Kitty

A very happy event is expected at Undercliff Pony Rescue in the near future.  The pretty bay new forest mare Kitty is suspected to be in foal, and as Donny is the only stallion in the field, he is the father!  This is astonishing news given that Donny is 28 years old, which is the average life span of a donkey.

Donny the donkey

Owner Sharon Baker is delighted.  Kitty was rescued earlier this year and is six years old.  As soon as Kitty was introduced to the Undercliff herd Donny started to pay special interest to her and gained a spring in his step. The two developed a special bond and Sharon has noticed physical changes in Kitty that normally indicate a mare in foal. A scan by the vet will confirm the pregnancy but Sharon is 99% confident that Kitty is expecting. The only explanation is Donny being the Daddy.

The foal is expected to arrive in early spring and arrangements are already being made for a maternity stable. Kitty is already ‘nesting’ in her stable, digging a hole in the straw and pushing up the bedding to make a cosy place to foal.

This is exciting and happy news for Undercliff Pony Rescue and a brilliant start to the new year. Donny is such a popular boy and it would be wonderful that he leaves a lasting legacy for us all to appreciate.

Well done Donny and Kitty. Watch this space for updates on progress.

Image Credits: Undercliff Pony Rescue .


  1. Was it really a good idea to allow this to happen? Naturally if it’s going to happen then fine, but what is the point in bringing a foal into the world under these circumstances?

  2. Hope it’s not a phantom pregnancy …as no scan to confirm at the time of writing.
    And if kitty only came into contact with Donny since earlier this year as written and article written on 6 January..that is only 6 days …for them to get together !?
    Is that time enough for pregnancy to show with out a scan?


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