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 With one week to go to the Christmas Festival on Saturday, December 9, something rather exciting to announce!

The organisers are FINALLY able to tell you their extra special news! Something they have been working on securing for months, and after ticking lots of boxes are finally able to share.
Rye will be having it’s first ever road train this festival which will circle the town all day!!

With the theme this year being Toyland, Rye wouldn’t be complete without it’s own little ‘toy train’.

Santa will be making his way to town on it this year at 11am. Once he has done a loop of the town and been dropped off at the grotto, the train will circle the town, along Cinque Ports Street, through the Landgate, down the Mint and back around to the station. This will run all day long and you can ride it between any of the stations to help save your legs.

Rides costs 50p to include up to a complete loop of the town but you can also buy an ‘all day rider’ ticket for £5.

Santa will need some company on the train on his way in to town and so tickets are soon to be auctioning  for this on ebay. There will be approximately 40 tickets up for grabs so please keep an eye out for the links which will be shared on the Festival facebook page soon, to be in with a chance to ride into town with the main man himself this year!
(All under 12’s to be accompanied by an adult).

Source: Rye Christmas Festival

Photo: from Rye Christmas Festival

Photo: from Rye Christmas Festival

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