Underlay, underlay!


Thanks for the heads up to our regular contributor, Tony Edwards, for highlighting the closure of the Tony Bowles carpet shop in Ferry Road. A long established local business which has traded successfully there for over 30 years, end of an era but, all good things must come to an end, so the saying goes, so the premises is now vacant, awaiting a new occupant.

A sign on the door confirms the business has closed and directs all enquiries to Mr Floor in Bexhill whom I contacted and they confirmed the business has closed due to retirement.

A sign of the times.

Another sign, this time on the outside of the building, advertises that the building is TO LET and with a phone number 01424 719753 for further information. Arrangements have been made to refurbish the exterior of the building and for interested parties, details of the property are available on Zoopla.

An interesting building in a highly visible location and I imagine it won’t be too long before the sign changes to LET and another new business arrives in Rye, but let’s see.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. Driving past it was noticeable that the condition of the building was, to say the least, poor. Perhaps a complete refurbishment by the owners before trying to rent this would be nice. I’m reminded of the old shops E. Wool etc. and the terrible condition they fall into. Not even a jet-wash for some of them. Why don’t the owners make some effort before looking for the next ‘rent payer’.

  2. I was responsible in the 1980s for refurbishing what, from memory, was a carpenters and undertakers with the adjoining cottage. The whole building was in a state of dilapidation, but was brought back to life and used as the carpet showroom, retaining the original character.
    Unfortunately timber weatherboarding needs regular maintenance, particularly so close to a busy road.
    Best wishes to the new owners.

  3. In the days when the corn stores (was it Foreman’s?) was in full swing they used that building to house their delivery lorry, that would have been back in the 60’s


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