Update on Tommy the mule

Tommy the mule

We are pleased to report that Tommy is making good progress recovering from the brutal knife wound inflicted on him on August 8.  Sharon Baker, owner of Undercliff Pony Rescue, says that he is responding well to treatment from RW Equine Vets who are administering antibiotics, sedatives and other medication twice a day.

The vet attended the day after the stabbing and spent several hours stitching Tommy’s face. His wound is complicated in that a serrated blade was used in the attack and Tommy was stabbed with such force that his jaw and teeth were damaged.  It will take time to heal fully.

Meanwhile, Tommy has been moved to a stable on his own where he can be closely monitored and cared for.  Sharon is understandably devastated by this attack on her rescued ponies in their place of sanctuary.  All of the other ponies and Donny the donkey have been moved elsewhere while Sharon considers her options and assesses the possible safety measures of the West Undercliff field.

RW Equine treating Tommy

Fund raising for the cost of Tommy’s treatment has to date raised an amazing £12,873.  This is a wonderful result and Sharon says it has helped restore her faith in humanity.  She asked to thank Rye News readers particularly for their generous donations that are so greatly appreciated.  All donations will be spent on the direct care and protection of Tommy and the other rescued ponies and Donny the donkey.  Vet treatment will continue for some time to come but it is encouraging that Tommy is responding well.

Sharon has been working closely with Sussex Police since this horrific attack and tells us that the culprit has been identified. It is expected that charges will be made in the near future.

Undercliff Pony Rescue has a total of 16 rescues. Ideally, a safe home for all of them would include stables and a water supply.  If Sharon could find such premises she says it would be her dream come true.  If you are able to suggest such premises please contact Sharon at www.undercliffponyrescue.uk.

Image Credits: Undercliff Pony Rescue .


  1. This is wonderful news. Please Rye News, keep us posted on any arrests, prosecutions, etc.

    I consider all animals to be community residents. They deserve the same rights and protections with regards to violent assault. Of course mules depend on chewing hay for their nutrients. Can’t imagine the pain and difficulties Tommy is encountering.

    After so much dire news, it is welcome news knowing there are many people who truly care.


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