Vaccination moves on

Hasting vaccination centre

No sooner than it was announced that 44-year-olds would be able to book their vaccinations and the programme has been expanded to those aged 42 and older on 1 July. Patients can book on the national website.

First vaccinations for this category come as the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) reports that it still is pressing to encourage around 10% of the high risk groups (age over 50 – 1 to 9) who have either refused or been missed.

The UK coronavirus-related average daily death rate is now around 20 and infection rate under 3,000 and a quarter of adults have now had two doses of a vaccine. This improving situation contrasts sharply with the dire situation in India where the total number of deaths is difficult to calculate, but could be well in excess of the reported 200,000 – and there are widespread shortages of oxygen, ventilators and vaccine.

The mutations of the type found in India and South Africa have both arrived in UK. The more they spread, the more they not only threaten a continuation of the pandemic, but also any return to international travel in July – and it is in the interest of everyone to see the situation brought under control.

Testing reminder

For anyone with Covid-19 type symptoms, a reminder about the availability for testing in Sussex is linked here and many businesses have taken the opportunity to register for a recent scheme to secure test kits for regular testing of employees.

CCG meeting

At the last meeting with the CCG we discussed the general situation in Sussex and business including reports of some queuing at the main centres; the reasons for non attendance and vaccine hesitancy by some; and continuing concern about vaccine side effects of, in particular, the Astra Zeneca vaccine. The CCG is looking at all these matters and reports that there are no serious cases of the last reported in Sussex.

Remember – Hands, Face, Space

Finally, with the sun shining, lockdown easing and more people visiting the local area, the NHS echoes the message of government that people must “behave responsibly” and “not drop our guard”. All of us must continue to take the steps to “suppress Covid-19”. We don’t want to lose the progress made so far. Please remember : Hands, Face and Space.

Image Credits: Anthony Kimber .


  1. Thanks Anthony. I would just add that its possible to order lateral flow tests free of charge here They come within a couple of days and I think it is handy to have some in the house. If for instance you wake up with what could be a cold and you were planning to meet friends for lunch, you can do a quick test and make sure. They arent 100% accurate but I think they are helpful and can give peace of mind.


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