Wendy Vu runs again


Wendy Vu has just completed a tough assignment, taking part in the Tough Mudder obstacle challenge over 10-12 miles of gruelling man-made terrain. She travelled to Winchester with 11 other members of the Harbour Health Club in New Winchelsea Road, to join hundreds of other participants in crawling through mud under live electric wires, jumping off a 20 foot high platform into a tank filled with ice, carrying a team-mate 150 yards, and climbing walls, amongst other feats of endurance, all demanding physical strength and sheer determination.

It required 6 months previous training to prepare for the ordeal and took her and her team-mates four hours to complete the course. To look at Wendy’s trim and slight figure, such achievement would scarcely seem possible but she was motivated by her desire to raise funds to help her Vietnamese child protégé, so badly burned in an acid attack, as reported in Rye News on March 17.  She raised a total of £740 and is still collecting donations. Anyone interested to support her cause can give online.


Photo: Kenneth Bird

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