Bikers! Think pushchairs


For too long now I have watched some of the bikers on a Sunday at Strand Quay behaving totally irresponsibly. I feel that this is a fatality waiting to happen. The vast majority are respectful and just want a meeting place to have coffee and talk about bikes! But today, as on every Sunday, there are a few who decide that the Strand Quay is the place to show their skills and pull away at a vast speed, and more dangerously with a WHEELIE, when there are pushchairs, toddlers, wheelchairs and pedestrians trying to enjoy the Strand Quay.

It will only take one loss of control from a biker when the bike goes one way, and they go another, to cause a major if not fatal accident . There is rarely a police presence and, when there is, the bikers all behave well.


Deborah Beverley