Black mark for smoking

E-cigarettes and black balloons

Dear Sirs

I was just having my daily stroll around Rye when I came across a car parking on the pavement.

I noticed that the vehicle was advertising electronic cigarettes – I don’t think their marketing department gave a great deal of thought to the black colour of the balloons advertising their product.

I wondered if they are supposed to represent a pair of lungs as the balloons were tied in pairs.

If I were wanting to smoke E-cigarettes I think the advertising would put me off the idea.


Patrick Pending

Image Credits: Patrick Pending .


  1. I also took a photo of that car–I think it’s the one that’s been regularly parking (surely illegally?) on that piece of pavement. Why are they being allowed to advertise there? I would think that we should be discouraging smoking (let’s not kid ourself that e-cigs are healthy) rather than enabling a business to promote it.

  2. Hopefully, with PCSO’s lined up to be around the Town more frequently, this is one of the many vehicles that should be fined and ‘moved along’. Parking on the pavement is SO uncaring of the blind, disabled and wheelchair-bound people who struggle with Rye pavements at the best of times.

  3. As a customer for nearly a year. This store has been vital in my very tough journey to giving up cigarettes. The staff have gone above and beyond to make sure I have always been looked after. I am certain if you speak to another customer you will find they are just as happy as I am. Looks like somone is using slightly black hat techniques to promote their store but let’s face it everyday you go past this spot there is a car or a van using it.


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