Boat crushed at Strand Quay

Environment Agency at work

Readers who have been down to Strand Quay recently may have noticed a conglomeration of plant and machinery on the west side of the Quay.

The remains of the small boat, in a local yard and stripped of mast and fittings

For the past few weeks the Environment Agency (EA), which is responsible for much of the Quay and the river bank, has been carrying out maintenance works, and among other pieces of equipment, these required a large and heavy compressor.

Moored immediately below this point was a small boat on to which the compressor dropped, causing such considerable damage that the boat is likely to now be scrapped.

Since the incident, a barrier has been erected between the edge of the Quay and the Agency’s equipment. A sensible safety precaution even if it is a case or shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

This accident is all the more surprising as the EA is usually assiduous in moving moored boats away from any area where they are working or dredging.

Image Credits: John Minter .


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