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A lockdown message etched into the dirt brought a smile to passers by.

Early on in this pandemic you’ll remember the world went into overdrive in the relentless quest to secure supplies of toilet rolls which fast became rarer than hens’ teeth. Stockpiling and selfish panic buying caused all sorts of tissue issues, but somebody locally saw the lighter side and gave us something to smile about as featured in Rye News.

The photograph above features a white van, registration number MK 65 YDN and across the back doors, written in the dust was the message ‘No toilet roll left in this van overnight’ which brought a smile.

The problem is that, since March 24 when the photo was taken, this van has not moved an inch, the message is still there across the back doors, and it has been parked exactly where it is now, at the side of the road in Rope Walk.

It has been reported to the authorities as it may have been stolen and dumped there, but they have responded saying the van is not stolen and there is nothing more to be said – but surely someone must know something about it. It may well be parked there totally legitimately, and in full knowledge of the owner, but it does beg the question, how can a vehicle remain in the same position for nearly five months on a public highway without being missed or noticed?

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Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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