Dumped car

Damaged and abandoned Smart car

Today I encountered three young people entering the Smart car that has been lying on the Grove for very many months, with broken windscreen, flat tyres and police aware and untaxed vehicle notices on it.

I asked them to get out of the car and explained that it belonged to someone and it was not public property. They politely observed that it had lain there for – well, they stated all the true things I have already observed, and implied that they weren’t doing any harm. I left them, thinking this was an argument I wasn’t going to win.

Something has had a nasty impact

Reflecting further on the matter, I’m not by any means sure that the position I took was right. Maybe a vehicle that the owner had abandoned, the police had ignored and local government had decided to do nothing about was fair game for youngsters to have fun in, to use their imagination in real play.

Whatever, I’m sorry, kids. You made fair points and made them well, where I took the stuffy position. Good luck to you!

Image Credits: John Minter .


  1. I have reported this vehicle a number of times to Rother (over the last year or so) but there has always been a reason why it can’t be removed – such as it has an MOT or road tax (both now expired). Then it was that the vehicle is insured (I suspect the owner’s policy might have auto-renewed). I have just reported it again highlighting its dangerous condition.

  2. Thanks Bob, I have reported it to the Police, who say it should be reported to operation crackdown, which I’ve done, and again today I’ve reported it back to the police.

  3. many years ago we had the same situation at the side of Harold Road Doctors surgery (Hastings) No response until I informed the council, if the car was not removed in 7 days, I would contact a reporter I knew at Meridian TV…..24 hours later the car had gone!
    Draw you own conclusions

  4. One must feel sorry for the residents of the Grove and Love Lane, having to walk by this derelict eyesore each day. One wonders if this car had been abandoned on Rye High Street, or Bexhill seafront, would it have taken so long to get it removed, sadly as we have seen over the years,the authorities that are supposed to be looking after the welbeing of our town,have abandoned us, just like this derelict car.

  5. A combination of the reach of Rye News and the sense of pride from the community who read it and make their opinions and views known, great teamwork and a positive outcome at long last. Just a shame it took so long for action to be taken.


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