Everyone’s shortcut into town

Deadmans Lane. Escc should come and take a look

The three new houses at the eastern end of Deadmans Lane are now complete, resplendent with landscaping and plants. We welcome all who come to live or stay!1505JohnH7

But do beware if you are a pedestrian or cyclist – that nice, wide, one way, full-of-light entrance to the Lane narrows down suddenly into a dark funnel-tunnel of trees and metal spike fence barely the width of a car. You might well say, do not venture there on foot or on two wheels. But inevitably people will, most of them children, young students and teachers – for there are two schools and a nursery at the end of that throughway.

With what could (in the event of an accident) be ruled as criminal negligence, East Sussex County Council Highways passed the proposed plan for the three new houses without stipulating a sidewalk/pavement for the full length of the Lane. Their whole credibility is in question and they are now being asked to pass judgement on another application for a fourth new house at the far (west) end of the Lane. Will whatever swayed East Sussex last time, persuade them again that they can ignore their obligations to enforce simple planning criteria of health and safety?

At the last (unscientific) count, an average of 59 cars use Deadmans Lane during each normal daylight hour, at speeds of between 15 and 28 mph – one in seven of them failing to see the give-way sign and exiting at those same or even higher speeds into Love Lane and the Grove.

“Some of us have seen the ghosts in our car headlights –
The coffins and the bodies, the pirates and their victims.
You might even have heard a screaming at midday
Or in the night.”

The narrow lanes and alleys of Rye can be scary at times but honestly, if you ever decide to walk down Deadmans Lane you really should be very afraid.

Photo: Nick Taylor

Image Credits: Rye News library .