Market banter, but…

The meat man, back again this and every week.

I love a good market and I especially love the fresh fruit and veg at very reasonable prices and the butchers with masses of meat in huge refrigerated van – and the tannoy and market trade banter of Mr Butcher that you can hear all over Rye.

Next time I go will have to check out if he is using the slang. “How about a Charlie Drake = steak!”. Though of course some of you may not remember that cheeky chappie!

And the market is returning to its regular size with all the varied stalls. What does Rye market not sell – and people and stallholders like to chew the fat together with the buyers and with each other.

After the really bad weather and the pandemic restrictions it is good to see people out and about, enjoying the freedom and joy of buying all sorts of stuff. However, why have people forgotten that Covid is still around? It was hugely evident that many were not wearing masks, buyers and sellers alike.

And of course no distancing at all. Two metres apart. Huh! Walking around an open market should by all means be a pleasant experience, but I was horrified to see none of the recommended restrictions were being followed.

People, think, or all of us will be back to lockdown and to all of those problems we had hoped we had seen the back of.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. A point well made. But at least this is out in the open. Despite the rules there is very little social distancing going on in supermarkets, smaller food stores and, if in London, the department stores. There’s no proper social distancing on public transport too. It’s also an impossibility to stay socially distanced when walking along Rye High Street due to such narrow pavements. So maybe Rye market is a far lesser risk than elsewhere.

  2. Tony Davis
    Carol, Re your reference to Charlie Drake as a “cheeky Chappy”, you need to go a little bit further back……Max Miller was known, and introduced, wherever he appeared as “The cheeky Chappy”.
    My dad must have told me that!!!


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