Monday morning grot-spot

photo KB 26.6.16
Why blame the seagulls?

Why blame the seagulls? Is it fair to ask our refuse collectors to clear up this mess? Is it a job for our valiant town steward?

Perhaps it’s the residents who don’t get the message to put out their bags in their own dustbins?  Or is it the weekenders or those who let out their properties to holiday-makers but don’t care what they do?

In fact, this week the mess was cleared up by the bin men by 8am, but this is not always the case. More frequently the wind has sent rubbish blowing down the street. Do you have a grot-spot near you?

photo: Kenneth Bird


  1. I’m not sure how many people know that heavy-duty bag protectors are available free of charge from the information desk in the library (assuming they still have stock). They do make a difference. In the past we had to put bin liners out at the last moment on collection day then stand at the door, vigilante-like, chasing off seagulls until the truck arrived. Now we can leave the bags out the night before and forget about them.


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