Party Time at Mary Stanford

Post-party at the Mary Stanford

A usually quiet beachside spot near the grand old Mary Stanford former lifeboat house recently hosted a little summer gathering. Party-goers dragged rusting, crumbling metal barricades from outside the lifeboat house, arranged them carefully, pulled up seakale plants to get some shade for their party ‘shack’, and apparently had a blast.

Beer cans, pop bottles, food wrappers scattered about attest to what must have been a fine time had by all. Nice one, visitors to Rye Harbour beach. Your rubbish is scattering to the wind. Rusted, dangerous metal is waiting now for some exploring child to happen upon, and residents and nature reserve visitors are disgusted with you.

Hello Summer! Bring your own beer and appalling manners. No pigs allowed.

Image Credits: D. Mueller .


  1. There has recently been an online petition to try to raise the minimum fine for littering to £1,000 from a nominal amount. Not exactly sure how easy it is for the police and authorities to implement these fines, as it is so difficult to work out who, from a group of people, is responsible.


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