Questions we should be asking?


Our story about local Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne consulting on whether the police precept (collected as part of your council tax) should go up has prompted one response – but are there are other, and maybe more important, stories to be chased up? For example, on day to day activities like shopping?

Following the events in Paris, when terrorists killed around 130 people, Anthony Kimber asked whether police priorities need to be revisited, particularly in terms of front line armed response to terrorist threats, but also questions whether an increase is necessary before all waste and inefficiencies have been dealt with.

The issue of th introduction of parking at Jempsons supermarket in Rye also rumbles on with Granville Bantick suggesting that people could use their bikes or the town bus instead of cars – or even go to Aldi, the discount supermarket on this side of Hastings.

And how do the discounters compare with the better known supermarkets? Is cost cutting reflected in choice and quality?

Time and resources permitting, Rye News plans to look in coming weeks and months at the alternatives open to shoppers  and comparing prices, choice, quality and convenience.

Online shopping appears to be on the increase judging by the number of delivery vans seen around town (including Asda, Tesco, Ocado and Sainburys) – but is this really an option for the single person who may have limited funds and a short shopping list?

Some supermarkets provide shopper buses. Are these useful and are they advertised enough?

These are some of the questions Rye News hopes to be asking .

What do you think Rye News should be investigating? What questions do you want us to ask?

Now we have “Post a Comment” on the Opinions page you have an opportunity to reply – but you can also send in letters anyway through the “Letters” menu option on the top of ever page or the “Get in touch” or “Submit a story” sections. Continue making use of these opportunities – please.


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