Signs of the times

The Western car park in Camber

As fast as Sheffield City Council has been chopping down trees it seems Rother District Council has been erecting a forest of metal posts in Camber Sands western car park.
Dozens of 10ft-high metal posts, each with a sign the size of an average estate agent’s board, have appeared in what was until recently a green expanse free from any signage and any cars in the evening.
Councillor Lord Ampthill trumpeted the new parking scheme at Monday evening’s Rye Town Council meeting but neglected to say that the result has been to turn what was once a green field not so far away into a dystopian Golgotha.
One has to wonder what horrors Rother has in store for Rye High Street once Civil Parking Enforcement is enacted if this hideous savaging of the Camber Car Park is anything to go by.

Photo: Kenneth Bird

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. Once again rother district council act with no consideration to the local residents who live close to western carpark.The hideous number of signs erected begger belief . Surely planning permission was needed, and was a risk assessment carried out , determining the risks of having these large unsightly signs “splattered “around the car park!
    Apparently the amount of signs is required to meet car parking regulations, well show me another car park with as many signs!
    Will the new system work? I doubt it, It’s simple, 4000 cars cannot fit into 2500 parking spaces!


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