Too early to clap?

Charles Harkness investigates the rising waters in past years

Early in the Covid crisis we were were asked to clap the NHS on our front doorsteps. But is the crisis really over?

A week ago I left Hastings’ Conquest Hospital after nearly six weeks following an operation for stomach cancer. When I left the staff clapped me out. I cried and I didn’t have the energy to clap them.

They all seemed so young (but then I’m 80 this year) and they came from all over the world and my daughter who’s a hospital consultant up north was a useful liaison point.

However, she’s overwhelmed by the number of her stroke patients, many of whom have Covid, and how this impacts on all the intensive care services. And the district nurses patching up my wound at home this week stay well masked – so the NHS is not convinced by Boris’s “we’re ok” messages.

And I expect to be both housebound and very visitor cautious for some time to come – by which time though I hope to be fit and able enough to clap the NHS.

In the meantime take care, get any jabs available, and hope spring arrives soon.

Image Credits: Rye News Library .



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