Problems in Jempsons car park


Dear Sir

In August my wife and I visited Rye and spent a very pleasant afternoon there. We parked our car at Jempsons car park and bought a ticket for two hours. Later we returned to the car and bought a second ticket to keep us going for another two hours. Two days later we flew back to Hong Kong were we live and work. Yesterday a got a letter from Hertz, who we hired the car from, informing me that had charged my credit card 42 pounds to hand over my name and details etc regarding a supposed “parking offence” at Jempsons car park in Rye on August 17. I’m still waiting for the actual fine, whatever it may be.

If we overstayed it could not have been by more than a few minutes. I recall that after we got back to the car I went into the supermarket to buy a few things. So the time it took for me to go into the store perhaps meant that we left the car park 10 or 15 minutes after the ticket had expired, but of course we received no indication of that at the time. So, for going into Jempsons and buying some of their goods we get hit for a parking ticket, even though we had bought two parking tickets. Fair? I think not.

Editor’s note: I am afraid I have to disagree with Mr Regan over the question of fairness. This is a private car park intended for the customers of Jempsons and not for long term parking. Jempsons have laid down rules for its use, which they are entitled to do (whether we like the rules or not) and these are clearly displayed on various notices around the car park. The rules state 2 hours maximum stay. Mr Regan stayed for 2 hours, clearly without intending to use the shop during that time, and when time was up, ‘fed’ the meter for another 2 hours after which he returned, on his own admission, 10 to 15 minutes late. He had, in fact, overstayed his allotted time by  2 hours and 10+ minutes. He can have no complaint if he now receives a fine. Where I do think he was outrageously treated, however, was when he was charged £42 by Hertz for them to supply his name to the car park management company. I cannot even begin to imagine how they could possibly justify such a charge. So, I am sorry, Mr Regan, but you were not unfairly treated by Jempsons, but other than that, I hope you enjoyed your visit to our town and I do hope that next time you are in England you will visit us again. And if you use the Market car park, you will find it very good value, costing less for a whole day than you paid for four hours in Jempsons (and, I would hope, no chance of getting stung by Hertz afterwards!).


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  1. Never thought I would be in agreement with any parking enforcement agency, but Mr Regan has no cause to complain that he has incurred a parking penalty charge. He admits that he overstayed and also there is signage stating “2 hour maximum”. It may be that as a visitor from overseas he did not realise that the parking is limited “per day” and “feeding the meter” is thus prohibited. Maybe the sign should make that clear.

    It would show goodwill if the parking enforcement agency could on this occasion waive the “fine” and the signage be clarified. I have no such expectations of the rapacious hire company.

  2. Just one observation on the comment about using the Market car park being preferable. August the 17th was a Thursday which is Market day when that car park is unavailable! Rye is very short on car parking space especially during summer visitor time. The station end of the Market car park is largely used on an all day basis by commuters. Even today the 29th September I had great difficulty in finding a space in the Market car park.


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