58 floors not a problem for our crew


Six crew members from RNLI Rye Harbour took the challenge to reach for the sky and participate in the tallest, toughest tower run event in the UK to help save lives in the capital.

Brendan Towner, Neil Jolly, Lucy Hill, Emma Stonham, Lucy Green and Iain Cebunka took part and all finished. Neil Jolly, who achieved the climb in 15 minutes 35 seconds (with the others not that far behind), said: “It was an interesting challenge to train for because although I run it is not upstairs and I live in a bungalow. It was a great team-building exercise but one of the biggest challenges was how hot it was as we were in full kit.”

Brendan Towner explained that they have raised £1,764 so far and other donations are coming in.

RNLI Rye Harbour crew

The RNLI Tower Run sees runners attempt to climb 1,400 steps and 58 floors to the top of 22 Bishopsgate to raise funds towards building a new tower lifeboat station by Waterloo Bridge. 22 Bishopsgate holds particular significance for the RNLI as it stands on the site of the London tavern where the institution was founded in 1824 at an inaugural meeting to propose that the RNLI would become a reality. Over thirty eminent gentlemen attended including William Wilberforce and the guiding light for sea safety, Captain George Manby.

RNLI Rye Harbour crew

Twelve resolutions were passed unanimously, and they still stand today in the present RNLI which is celebrating its two-hundredth anniversary in 2024. These included:

  • That an institution can now be formed … to be supported by donations and annual subscriptions.
  • That such immediate assistance be afforded to persons rescued as their necessities may require

RNLI Rye Harbour is looking forward to completing tower run challenge next year.

Image Credits: RNLI Crew , Emma Stonham , RNLI crew , RNLI crew , Iain Cebunka , Lucy Green , Brendan Towner .

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