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Legendary explorer Bill Tilman’s climbing and sailing achievements rank among the greatest in the fields of twentieth-century mountaineering and high latitude sailing.

Bob Comlay was one of only a handful of crew members who chose to return for a second voyage with Tilman, earning a level of trust that provides a unique insight into the true character of this self-effacing legend of exploration.

Bob will be at Rye Harbour Sailing Club on Saturday, April 2 to give a personal account of life with this extraordinary adventurer and their two Greenland voyages of 1970 and 1971.

Legendary adventurer, Bill Tilman

By the time of his disappearance in the South Atlantic in 1977, Tilman had left a legacy of some of the finest travel books ever written. Quoted as an inspiration by both Chris Bonington and Robin Knox-Johnston, HW Tilman’s books remain essential reading for those who embark on similar ventures.

RHSC Commodore Eric Zon says; “I have just re-read the omnibus of eight books written by Tilman and can thoroughly recommend it. I know I bored my crew with Tilman quotes but read one of his books for yourself and you might well disagree with them.”

Born in 1898, Tilman was a highly decorated military leader who survived the brutality of the Great War and volunteered for covert operations behind enemy lines leading Albanian partisans during the second world war. Apart from this extraordinary wartime service, the rest of his life was spent climbing in and sailing to remote parts of the world, stopping only to write the fifteen books which document his travels.

The talk is illustrated by well over one hundred unpublished photographs and extracts from private correspondence.

Bob Comlay will also have newly published books for sale at the event.

Entry is £5 for members and £7.50 for non-members

Image Credits: Bob Comlay .

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