Boys Club and artist reunite


The former Boys Club in Mermaid Street has for some time been the subject of much discussion and intrigue, the rumour mill has speculated regularly on its perceived destiny but we are pleased to report that some of the building at least will shortly be put to very good use.

Many locals will know the name Jordan Seabrook, for those who don’t, it is a name with international acclaim in the art world and with a strong link to the town and in particular the Rye Boys Club.

Natural light, large open spaces and high ceilings are an ideal setting for showcasing such an established artist.

Jordan was educated at Freda Gardham, then Thomas Peacock (now Rye College). Born in 1996 he has spent much of his life in Rye and the surrounding area. Having completed his A levels and Foundation Diploma at Rye Studio School he attended the prestigious École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, following in the footsteps of many of the greatest artists of the past 300 years. Here he was awarded a bachelor’s degree.

The Boys Club currently looks tired and unloved, vacant and in need of some urgent TLC but it still remains close to Jordan’s heart as between the ages of 6 to 10 he and his friends were regular attendees, one of the few buildings where youngsters could enjoy themselves and have fun together, something sadly lacking today.

A redundant yet iconic ‘jewel’ of a building will soon be put to good use.

It is very fitting therefore that Jordan will shortly be opening his studio and as a local resident will make good use of an iconic and important building which will also benefit others as a result.

Natural light and uncluttered display space are important necessities for any artist and with long walls, high ceilings and large open spaces it seems fitting that a building with such personal significance will once again come into its own, particularly for a young up-and- coming local contemporary painter recognised internationally in his chosen field.

Jordan paints large abstract canvases which will occupy the space to maximum effect and already at just 23 years old, he has pieces held in private overseas collections. It is gratifying to think that a local pupil, through sheer hard work and tenacity, coupled with the skills and mentoring from creative teaching at Freda Gardham and Rye Studio School have helped Jordan to achieve such recognition and at such a young age.

Rye News will be covering the launch of the Studio but investors take note, if you haven’t got a Seabrook in your collection yet, don’t leave it too long, they will soon be even more sought-after than they are already. A future investment perhaps plus the opportunity to support a very local success story.

Image Credits: Jordan Seabrook , Nick Forman .

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