Building works


We all get fed up sometimes with the building works that sprout up everywhere and anywhere. They don’t always improve the view and nor do they always make it easier to get about the place.

For example St Mary’s Church, here in Rye, is a truly outstanding and amazing building dominating Rye’s citadel. But it does need looking after. The stonework gets porous and the joints gradually soak up the sea air. The parochial church council is responsible for looking after it, but to do so, it follows able and expert advice. The north west pinnacle is the subject of one project this year, as it had been letting in water through the gradual failure of the seals at the joints. If water gets in the joints and then freezes then things can get difficult as the joints can be burst. So the scaffolding went up to get at the north west pinnacle and the contractors have been busy renewing the joints and replacing damaged stonework.

The work is completed now but the scaffolding is still there and, as you can see in the picture, the starlings certainly do think that “building works” are for them.

Image Credits: William Everett .

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