Bunny girls return to church


Since the clocks sprang forward, St Mary’s Knitting Group has returned to church for its Monday meetings. Syrian government restrictions have meant that it is no longer possible to send knitted and other items to camps there, so the knitters have found another outlet for their work. Blankets, children’s jumpers, dressing gowns and bed jackets are now all heading for London based charity Knit for Peace, which distributes them to the needy in hospices, community groups and refugee centres in the UK and abroad.

Get your Easter bunny here

Raising funds to pay for wool and transport is always a challenge, but Vanessa, at Savia’s Gift & Framing Shop in Lion St, continues to sell pink pussy hats to American (and other) tourists so this is an enormous help.

Samara’s Aid Appeal, which is the charity that the knitters originally supported with their handwork,  is now focussing on raising funds for a new hospital in Syria. Money is being raised for this by the sale of Easter Bunnies, all made by the adept fingers of Pam Peters (pictured), and are available on Monday mornings at the knitting session (10am-12pm).  Pop in to church and say hello.  Last Monday there was a steady stream of interested tourists, and seven bunnies were sold in no time.

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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