Cleaning up at Camber


I have been asked to say a huge thank you to the Biffa award winning cleaners and waste disposal company personnel who work in Camber, especially on the dunes and the beach, by residents of Camber village, especially those who may use the dunes for running and walking exercise.

The weekend of the May 25 bank holiday saw an almost unprecedented number of folk pouring onto the beach and parking everywhere.

The car parks had to be opened because of the sheer numbers, but the toilet blocks were not open until later in the week. And you may, if you want to, imagine our lovely dunes, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as well as the crown jewel of the South East coast line, being polluted with mess of all sorts.

It was full of people using it as a dumping ground, as they couldn’t be bothered to take their stuff home with them or use the bins. And also the faecal waste that littered the dunes liberally. A bit of pee may be just about tolerated, but faecal waste is simply horrid and a danger to people and dog walkers.

I have been told that the Biffa guys, who when I spoke to them were very modest, did a supreme job. So thank you all from Camber villagers.

Image Credits: Carol Macdonald .

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